Discover The Best People
In This Room
And Start a Conversation

Stop walking into random conversations, or limiting yourself to people you already know. Icebreaker PRO lets you share the reason you are at this specific event so you can attract the right people.

Step 1: Create a Nametag Specifically For This Event

Stop sharing your generic Facebook® or LinkedIn® profile - instead create a nametag for this specific event and attract relevant people into conversations.

Step 2: Discover the Right People

Browse the people at this place and discover the reasons they are here.

Step 3: Start a Conversation

The Icebreaker app helps start conversations with the best people. Safety is our #1 concern, so we provide easy ways to get out of conversations and to help keep creeps away.

How Does Icebreaker PRO Work?

Icebreaker PRO is an app that makes it easy to create "nametags" at places you want to be friendly. Each nametag can be different, so you can be "Mr. Jones" at work, "Bob" at happy hour, and "Bob Jones" at church on Sunday.

Each time you visit a place you created a nametag at, people at the place will be able to learn a little about you. We respect your privacy, so as soon as you leave that place, you are no longer visible. You are never visible at any places outside of those you've created a nametag.

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Find the Best
People for You